UK MaPS and Open Banking

Feb 8, 2021, published by Axway

An introduction to the Money and Pensions Service and the Pensions Dashboard and how they “fit” in open finance.

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Open Everything: The Role of Open APIs Across 6 Sectors

Dec 15, 2020, published by Nordic APIs

A look at what Open Everything means and a survey across six sectors.

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An Introduction to FIDO2 for Biometric Authentication

Oct 8, 2020, published by Nordic APIs

An FIDO2 primer, introducing Web Authentication (Webauthn) and CTAP.

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The Evolution of APIs in Open Banking

Sep 1, 2020, published by Nordic APIs

A look at how regulation-driven development might be skewing the API economy away from the regulated banks and how they might benefit from an API-first approach.

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OpenID Connect: Overview of Financial-grade API (FAPI) Profile

May 26, 2020, published by Nordic APIs

An Overview of the FAPI Profile, aimed at technies and non-techies alike.

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What is OpenID Connect?

May 19, 2020, published by Nordic APIs

A OpenID Connect primer, providing insights on the role of the protocol and it importance for digital identity.

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API Maturity for Humans

Apr 1, 2020, published by Nordic APIs

A human-orientated view on how API practitioners mature.

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REST API Security Design

Jul 3, 2019, published by Stoplight

Implementing design-time security definitions using OpenAPI

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Reusing Definitions Across Methods in OpenAPI

May 8, 2019, published by Stoplight

Bring schemas into your API descriptions and don’t repeat yourself

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How Does Open Banking Apply to US Banks?

Apr 2, 2019, published by Nordic APIs

Open Banking has been on our radar for several years now, with Nordics APIs first publishing a post on PSD2 back in 2016. Since then there’s been continual coverage in the financial industry press on the promise of Open Banking, with predictions of a “revolution” as FinTechs unlock the banking market and provide the tools, apps, and functionality that bank customers want yet are not provided by their banks. Read more ..

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Open Banking, Regulation, and API Design

Feb 27, 2019, published by Stoplight

An assessment of the common patterns in API design found in the European Open Banking standards.

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Bring on the Players: Who Wins in Open Banking?

Nov 6, 2018, published by Nordic APIs

It’s fair to say that the current noise around Open Banking is almost deafening. We constantly hear about the potential of this new market — driven by APIs — to change financial services by increasing consumer choice, crushing incumbent banks, or making a barrel of cash for a cool startup…

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Making the Most of Your API Specification

Oct 10, 2018, published by Stoplight

A look at the importance of leveraging your API specification to ensure you clearly communicate your (API-first) design decisions and optimise your OpenAPI specification for humans and machines alike.

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Speaker Interview: Nathan Brock & Rafal Jachimczyk, BBC

Oct 9, 2018, published by Nordic APIs

The Nordic APIs Platform Summit is renowned for its myriad of speakers from different industries and verticals. In advance of our 2018 offering, we sat down with two speakers from media and broadcasting – Nathan Brock, Principal Software Engineer, and Rafal Jachimczyk, Senior Software Engineer – who both work on the API Management team at the BBC

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A Pragmatic Take On REST Anti Patterns

Jul 24, 2018, published by Nordic APIs

Do you ever have those moments when you’re asked to do something that feels technically wrong? Putting milk in the cup before the tea? (a very British problem admittedly). An overflowing trash can YOU must always empty? We all have our pet peeves — it’s what makes us human…

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Value of Mocking — Open Banking

Jun 7, 2018, published by Stoplight

A look at how useful mocking APIs can be in the context of Open Banking

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How Can Consumers Relate To Open Banking?

Feb 22, 2018, published by Nordic APIs

Open banking has garnered a lot of attention recently. With the introduction of UK open banking and Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) becoming law across the European Union, regulations are fundamentally altering the way banks handle personal data. The movement is also not restricted to Europe, with regulators in the USA having released their intentions in October 2017 on access to bank accounts…

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The Evolution of the API Marketplace

Oct 24, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

People love marketplaces. Offline, at the winter fair or at the souk, marketplaces provide consumers with the ability to browse for the goods they like and haggle over the price. Who doesn’t love a bargain? Online marketplaces like price comparison websites retain this tradition, allowing consumers to find the best deals for insurance, credit cards, and so on…

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Creating a Microservices Framework at CIBC: A Case Study

Oct 3, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

Financial services is on the cusp of becoming an integral part of the API Economy. Market forces — both disruptive in terms of new offerings from FinTech and regulatory in the form of anti-competitive legislation — are resulting in an increasing number of financial service providers offering APIs

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Why Do FinTechs Want To Save Screen Scraping?

Jun 22, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

Great news for the FinTech scene, one would think; at last the banking platforms are being opened up ready for third-parties to securely access a customer’s data without the need to screen scrape online banking interfaces (also frequently referred to as ‘direct access’)…

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An Introduction to APIs For the Uninitiated

Jun 13, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

If you have arrived at the Nordic APIs blog there is good chance you have some inkling of what an API is and why you might need one. However, for the uninitiated, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and especially the API economy can be a confusing and fragmented space with some loose standards, an incredible amount of diversity, and a seemingly impenetrable barrier of technical jargon…

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Whats New in OpenAPI 3.0

Apr 14, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 18 months you may not know that the Swagger API specification, arguably the most popular specification format available to the API community, has been donated to the Linux Foundation to become the bedrock of the OpenAPI Specification

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How to Value Your Data When Providing an API

Apr 6, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

API providers are continually breaking new ground in securely providing valuable data to the applications that have become essential to the way we live our lives: The manner in which we can conduct so much confidential personal activity at arm’s length from the organizations we do business with, powered by APIs, would have been considered impossible even 15 years ago…

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What is a Webhooks Push-Styled API and How Does It Work?

Mar 28, 2017, published by ProgrammableWeb

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The API of Me

Mar 28, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

Here’s an interesting fact: If you live in the EU your personal data is yours. You are the owner of your data, a fact enshrined in law under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). As owners of data and citizens of many economies — internet, application, information, API — we have a myriad of tools and technologies available to mine, mash up, and generally manage our data as we see fit…

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Do’s and Don’ts of the API Economy

Jan 26, 2017, published by Disruption Hub

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First Time API Implementation for Entrepreneurs

Jan 3, 2017, published by Nordic APIs

Any business or organization in the world can bring an API to market, but APIs are increasingly synonymous with the startup world. Entrepreneurs are using APIs to deliver their products for a number of reasons:..

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The Easiest Ways to Generate API Documentation

Nov 22, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

Whether you’re a startup developing your first API or an established player in the API economy, the truth is becoming steadily more apparent; providing quality API documentation is vital to the success of an API initiative. API documentation is an important part of the product offering, delivering affordances to the developer community to help them understand exactly what an API offers and how to use it…

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CMA Will Save Open Banking APIs in Post-Brexit Economy

Oct 5, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

Regardless of your point of view and the continued rumbles of the argument, Brexit is a fact: The United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union, most probably by summer 2019 if recent announcements at the Conservative Party conference are enacted by the government itself…

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Creating a Hubot Script for the AWS API Gateway

Aug 23, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

In our post on ChatOps bot frameworks we discussed Hubot and how this widely forked project is a readily extensible mechanism for creating your own ChatOps bots. In this post we take a look at building such an extension in the form of a Hubot to help administer the Amazon API Gateway

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CMA Opens Door (Slightly) to Open Banking in the UK

Aug 11, 2016, published by ProgrammableWeb

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API Design: Building and Enforcing an Internal Style Guide

Aug 9, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

In our recent post on tips for starting a public API journey we touched briefly on the idea of creating a style guide that helps API providers produce well-constructed and consistent APIs as part of their public API offering. The creation of an API style guide is, however relevant for API providers regardless of whether they are providing APIs externally or internally: It provides the context for their development efforts whether it be outsourced or created internally and is an important tool for achieving some level of governance across the organization…

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5 Tips for Starting Your Public API Journey

Jul 5, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

New public APIs hit the market all the time. Behind these APIs sit a myriad of different providers; individual developers, startups and established businesses who have all concluded that they need a public API program in order to better serve their audience…

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Crafting Excellent API Code Tutorials that Decrease Onboarding Time

Jun 22, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

The success or failure of an API program is made by any number of things: The business value of the product or platform the API exposes, the ease of use of the API, or the number of ways it can be used…

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A Humans Guide to Drafting API Platform Policy

May 26, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

There are some languages in the world that are tough to master and for your average application developer none more so than Legaleze, a language so inaccessible that only a learned few can speak it fluently. The diction and terminology is generally so difficult that most don’t even attempt to learn: When presented with an API’s terms of use or platform policy, most developers simply click ‘I accept’ and get on with coding…

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How to Hire a Great API Developer

May 19, 2016, published by ProgrammableWeb

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Review of Red Hats Apiman Open Source API Management

May 13, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

It’s no surprise that the growth of the API economy has been accompanied by a proliferation of API management solutions as software vendors endeavor to tap into the needs of a wave of new API providers hitting the market. API management means different things to different people (as we recently discussed), and there are a myriad of commercial solutions available in the market with a host of different capabilities covering basic API management to full API lifecycle capabilities…

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How Government Meddling and Regulation is Impacting the API Economy

Apr 28, 2016, published by ProgrammableWeb

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The Evolution of the OpenAPI Specification: Does OpenAPI Mean Open World?

Apr 25, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

Following the fanfare of its introduction in late 2015, the OpenAPI Initiative has now been in existence for six months. As discussed on their blog a great deal of progress has been made towards creating the governance structure that will help the OpenAPI Specification (OAS) move forwards, including a home on GitHub that has been steadily collecting new issues for consideration and possible inclusion in the next version…

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Sectors for Exploitation with APIs

Apr 4, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

In 2015 “there’s an API for that” became an oft-repeated phrase, entering the vernacular with the same frequency as the app-based equivalent. Fueling the usage of this phrase is an increasing number of organizations taking their products to market using a SaaS-first (Software-as-a-Service) approach, exposing an Application Programming Interface or API at the core of their offering…

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PSD2 Sanctions Access to Personal Banking Data, Amplifying FinTech Growth

Mar 25, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

On the European FinTech stage, forthcoming initiatives and regulations will both disrupt and foster innovation in the banking sector of the API economy. The most significant of these is the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), a new regulation that will apply across the European Union and is likely to result in a huge increase in the number of APIs for banking products…

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The Core Principles of API Management

Mar 8, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

API management is a term that has been used in the API economy for several years and has existed without acquiring an exact, universal definition. While most protagonists in the API community agree on the core themes of API management and why the subject is important, the specifics are frequently defined by the capabilities of commercial “API management” solutions…

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10 Continuous Integration Tools to Spur API Development

Feb 4, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

Software development these days is about iterating fast, and releasing often. In the 10 years since Martin Fowler wrote his original paper, continuous integration has become a cornerstone of the software development process. It is a fundamental part of Agile development (being one of the core tenants of Extreme Programming) and has helped to spawn organizational change with the creation of the DevOps approach to application development…

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How to Build a Yahoo! Weather Hello World Application in JavaScript

Jan 25, 2016, published by ProgrammableWeb

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What the Open API Initiative Means for the API Space

Jan 12, 2016, published by Nordic APIs

As the API community starts a new year, we do so with an increasingly wide choice of API description formats at our disposal. However, a development late last year promises to alter this landscape by introducing an initiative aimed at standardizing how APIs are described…

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IBM Launches Identity Mixer to Help Protect Consumer Identity

Dec 7, 2015, published by ProgrammableWeb

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Description-Agnostic API Development with API Transformer

Dec 4, 2015, published by Nordic APIs

Whilst many aspects of the API economy are subject to discussion and conjecture, if there is one truth it’s this: When it comes to successfully describing your API, the jury is out on the best tool for the job. As the API economy has grown so has the number of API description specifications, each with their own specific format and supporting tools…

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Why Python is a Great Server Side Platform for Apps Consuming APIs

Oct 5, 2015, published by ProgrammableWeb

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How to Build a Facebook Hello World Web App in Python

Oct 5, 2015, published by ProgrammableWeb

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How To Build a Twitter Hello World Web App in Python

Jun 16, 2015, published by ProgrammableWeb

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Machine Learning Platform Cubitic Boasts Behavioral Prediction Abilities

Feb 3, 2015, published by ProgrammableWeb

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